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Thread: Adobe Illustrator Final Project

  1. Adobe Illustrator Final Project

    I have finished one of my finals projects for the semester, and I am just going to post it up for the hell of it...
    If anyone else has any illustrator stuff, or final projects for school (pen, ink, ms paint...blood?) then please share

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  2. the quality is horrible as a jpg, but oh well...
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  3. that's good stuff. I'm very intimidated by Illustrator. Outside fonts, logos, and flyers, I won't touch the thing.
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  4. that's a fine looking poster ya gots there. definitely way better than this sushi recipe i had to create using only illustrator.

    this is a zip disk cover from spring '02 that was done in illustrator and quark, but it could have easily been done in illustrator alone. it's nothing big or impressive, but making the smilies alone was tons of fun.

    the ugly blue blotches came from the shitter scanner i had at the time.

  5. Nice work there Atals Same for you Ashen Vector, those smilies kick ass.

    Illustrator intimidates me for ANYTHING outside of font work. I could learn it, hell, I even have access to a legit version of it at school two periods a day. It just scares me.

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    I'd kind of seen it before!

    I WIN!

    BTW, how big is the actual poster? That contact number looks kind of small and important... you know?
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  7. I dig the zip ashen... mzo, I printed it out 8x10. It can be blown up to pretty much any size as it is vector, not bitmapped

    Illustrator is really quite fun once you get into it. I was scared by it at first also, but you can really do so much with it
    I like my women like I like my coffee. Covered in bees!

  8. You should work on your typography, but the drawing/illustration is awesome.
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  9. Thanks Andrew, I tried toying with the type for a while... you are completely right though. I am taking a typography class next semester, and then I will touch up the poster with something more appropriate. But for now, the illustration is what I care about... so much work to tweak before it all goes in my portfolio!
    I like my women like I like my coffee. Covered in bees!

  10. Damn, I lost all my Illustrator files..actually, I might have it on my MAC formatted ZIP disk. I'll go to class and see if its on there..if so, I'll have to transfer all my work onto a PC formatted ZIP disk.


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