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Thread: Core Boy's Feedback Thread

  1. Core Boy's Feedback Thread

    As if there was any doubt; I must report here, that PaCrappa is straightforward and easy to deal with.

    My emails were answered promptly, and he made no illusions as to what was being offered.

    Payment through Paypal is no problem.
    The games were shipped when he said they would be.
    Everything was wraped with bubble wrap and stuffed in a box with bubble wrap.
    All the goods were just as described, and quite satisfactory to play with as well

    good guy, give him some business or make some trades

  2. I second that, very profesional, polite and always send your goods in solid packages.
    I check out his gametz page from time to time to see if he has what I need instead of taking my buisness somewhere else.

  3. I must agree. He is, to put it bluntly, the single best games dealer I have ever dealt with.

    Couteous, honest, straightforward, and he gets his hands on stuff we all dream about.

    Definitely do yourself a favor and check his GameTZ page and see what he has.

    I think this is the right link...

  4. Whoever has a problem with PaCrappa should kill themselves.


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