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Thread: Sega Game Gear & TV Tuner for sale

  1. Sega Game Gear & TV Tuner for sale

    I have the following package for sale:
    Sega Game Gear - original black color, Serial # 031599790, Sega/FCC sticker on back has a corner peeling, some dirt and and minor scrathes on body. The screen has some scratches and dust particles on the overlying plastic protector, but didn't seem to be noticeable when using the TV Tuner. Tested and working on AC power.
    TV Tuner - USA spec TV Tuner, picks up UHF and VHF signals, tested and working.
    Joe Montana Football - game only, seems a bit finicky, but does work.
    AC adaptor - Sega brand, works.
    Super Wide Gear - screen magnifier by Sega, has four numbers written in black permanent marker on underside but does not affect use.

    I'm selling this as a package for $50 +shipping. I never use it, so I figured I may as well get rid of it. If you are interested post in this thread or e-mail me at I have positive feedback on this board (Report Centre) and on Heatware. Buyer pays for shipping with delivery confirmation via their carrier of choice.

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    Do you take PayPal by any chance?
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    Screw being smart. This is TNL.

  3. Sorry, I do not currently have an account set up for PayPal. I actually prefer payment by money order. However, if you are really interested in the package, I am sure we can work something out. Feel free to reply here or e-mail me at

  4. The items should be considered sold.


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