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Thread: Help a brutha out yall!

  1. Help a brutha out yall!


    As you may or probably may not know, I'm working on starting my own online comic. Ny previous idea of coloring with textures came to a halt when everyone who saw the style thought it was shit. So, I've decided to color the images in PSP. I used to be pretty good at coloring, but that was a long time ago, and I only found out how to do it in PSP8 5 minutes ago.

    I was wondering if anyone would be willing to contribute some lineart/a sketch or two for me to practice on? If I can't get it to look good, I'll scrap the idea of the comic all together, but if I can get my groove back, I'll go ahead with it.

    here is some of my older stuff so you know what to expect and what level I'm trying to get back to.

    Your help will be MUCH appreciated.

  2. i have a pic (more like a full page thumbnail) that's really rough, and have no intention of fixing, but if you want i can send it your way. it's Alice in Wonderland themed too, but with liberties taken.

  3. Here's a pic of mine I scanned earlier... It may not be entirely what you are loking for, but maybe a warm-up(also seen in another pending post)
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