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Thread: Update 4-18: MORE!! Low Prices--Games, anime, guides, posters, accessories. OMFG SALE

  1. Update 4-18: MORE!! Low Prices--Games, anime, guides, posters, accessories. OMFG SALE

    All games are complete with box and manuals, unless otherwise noted. All have been played (unless denoted otherwise, again) and will probably have very slight scratches and marks of use as expected. Everything has been tested and is guaranteed to work. If you find a problem even months down the line that wasnít caused by you, Iíll refund it.

    If you want a feedback check, my eBay user ID is ajaxfan1. I'm also mentioned around here on a few feedback threads.

    For payment, I really prefer Paypal or personal checks. I can take concealed money, but itís at your own risk. Since I canít drive, I rely on my ever-absent father to get to the post office to mail things. Much as I hate it, it may take a few days to get things shipped out. I do what I can. Paypal ships much quicker, but CONTACT ME FIRST before paying, obviously. Iíve had idiots pay without even telling me what itís for. And please, if paying by Paypal, only confirmed addresses. Contact me ahead of time if your address isn't.

    PLEASE EMAIL ME BEFORE SENDING PAYPAL PAYMENTS. My account is NOT my normal email address, and I don't want the money being sent to the wrong place.

    Shipping is done by USPS Priority flat rate, which starts at $3.85. This can fit a guide and a game or two, three games, or a few mangas. Costs vary for posters or any package that's unusually heavy. Insurance is optional, and I recommend it. I'll also ship by UPS, if you would prefer. They tend to be a little quicker. Price will vary, for them. My Post Office is a complete mess, so delays are pretty much inevitable. If you NEED it quick, you'll have to fork over the extra money for UPS. Priority does ship in 3-4 days, typically. I'm located in Ohio so it's a nice central shipping place. Packages make it to lower Florida in three days, usually.

    Not everything is listed, so Iíll be adding things along as I go. My house is a mess and some things are lost, so I havenít posted them up.

    Reach me through email at, AIM at Nessa62412, or PM me. Iím always online.

    I can take pictures of anything if you need them.

    Free- If you buy anything, Iíll throw in some of the smaller listed things for free. I mainly just need to get rid of this stuff. Just ask for it. Accessories, posters... Whatever.

    ALL PRICES are negotiable. I need to sell some of this really quick, so please, just ASK. I'm easy to haggle. If there's no price, it's still on an offer basis.

    -MechAssualt- $7 SOLD
    -Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic- $13 SOLD

    Playstation 2 Import
    -Gran Turismo A-Spec- WITH GUIDE, a special thick booklet that came with it. The Player Guide still has the plastic wrap it came with.- $20
    -Gran Turismo Tokyo Concept 2001- offers please
    -Winning Eleven Soccer 5- never played by me.- $7

    Playstation 2 US
    -Final Fantasy X- Non-GH, no manual at the moment. Attempting to find it.- $6
    -Ghost Recon- $9
    -Grand Theft Auto Vice City- scratched dic, freezes at times. Disc Doctor should amend this problem.- $2
    -Medal of Honor Frontline- $5
    -SOCOM- Complete in case with manual, outer large box and headset, played only once.- $23; With Network Adapter for $34 ON HOLD/sc
    -Space Channel 5 special edition- sealed.- $12
    -SSX- Non-GH- $4
    -SSX Tricky- $4
    -Zone of the Enders 2nd Runner-No manual at the moment. Attempting to find it.- $7

    -DDR USA- $4

    -Legend of Zelda Wind Waker- Excellent condition, very lightly played.- $23
    -Resident Evil 0- Disc one, no case/manual. Yeah, don't know what happened there.- $2
    -System Bundle- I'll bundle Zelda:WW with my Platinum Gamecube system together for ballpark $115. This includes the original box and ALL documentation for GC, and a Wavebird controller in addition to the regular one. Also included is a 1x Mad Catz clear card with protective case. Contact me for price haggling. Neither the console or game have been registered, if you wish to take advantage of any promotional offers Nintendo may have.

    -Caesars Palace casino game collection- with manual- $3
    -Game Genie- Complete with box, manual, cart. and code book, though the book had a bit of water spilled on it at some point. All codes are perfectly legible and unmarked by the water, though the outside is shriveled somewhat. Still perfectly useable. Box is in great shape.- $10
    -Lion King- cart. only-$3
    -Sega 6-Pak- cart. only. Includes Sonic, Golden Axe, Streets of Rage, Revenge of Shinobi, Columns, and Super Hang-On. - $3
    -Sonic 2- cart. only- $2 SOLD
    -Sonic 3- cart. only- $2 SOLD
    -Sonic and Knuckles- with manual, trying to find the box. Itís here somewhere- $3
    -Wheel of Fortune- cart. only- $4

    -Bubble Bobble- cart. only- $5
    -Double Dragon II- COMPLETE. Excellent condition, with manual and black game sleeve. The box, cart, and manual are in fantastic shape.- $15
    -Tetris- cart. only- $2 Not the Tengen one.
    -The Legend of Zelda- cart. only (gold)- $5

    -Tetris Attack- cart. only- $4

    -South Park- cart. only- $4

    Game Boy
    -Teal Game Boy Color- complete with battery cover. Buttons are super-crisp, the screen's in great shape. Excellent unit condition overall.- $9
    -Gameshark- cart. only- $2

    -Bejeweled and Alchemy- Macintosh OSX, case, but no manual - $3
    -Civilization III- with manual, Macintosh OSX - $5
    -MYST III: Exile- excellent condition, hardly played through. Mac OSX and Windows compatible.- $3
    -realMYST- revamped version, Macintosh OSX- $3
    -Unreal Tournament 2003- Complete, never registered, Macintosh OSX- $3

    Accessories- Dollar Bin For a buck or so unless noted otherwise; most free with any purchase.
    -Sony Playstation 2 Network Adapter. Comes with sealed start-up disc. Never used. $15
    -Konami official DDR mat- green-trimmed non-slip one that came bundled with DDRMAX2. Perfect condition.-$5 SOLD
    -Black Nintendo GC memory card- Has my name in perm. marker on it, but that can be covered. SOLD
    -Blue Sony Playstation memory card
    -Official Xbox video cable
    -Official Sony Playstation/2 video cable (x2)
    -Ofifical Xbox 'fatty' controller (too big for my hands, not going to touch it)
    -Game Boy four player adapter
    -PS2 Stormchaser controller
    -InterAct Superpad 64 plus- not a three-prong controller design.
    -N64 memory pack- has WWF Raw and Southpark written on it in perm. marker.
    -Pelican translucent purple rechargeable battery pack for Game Boy, comes with power adapter. Works as a grip, too.
    -MadCatz 3-way car adapter for Game Boy, Game Boy Pocket, Game Gear and Nomad- pen scribbles on the label, nothing else is wrong with it.
    -Nyko rechargeable Game Boy battery pack- no adapter for it, but uses the same as the Pelican one. Take your pick. This one is smaller.
    -Replacement Game Boy Pocket screen- only minor scratches.
    -MyMyBox DDR Ďignitioní pad- Itís broken. It will take power (the LED lights will go on) but the arrows will not respond. If you know how to wire things, this is a nice pad. It had 1-inch thick pad inserts (can be removed, they're zipped in), a non-slip bottom and slightly raised buttons. This was a fantastic pad. 6-button configuration. At the very least, you can affix the non-stick bottom to one of those Mad Katz pads for something that's actually very nice to play on.

    Guides and Posters
    -Grand Theft Auto Vice City guide- $2
    -MYST II: Riven guide- $2
    -WWF War Zone BradyGames guide- covers N64 and Playstation- $1
    -X/1999 poster (anime)- $3
    -Onegai (Please) Teacher poster (anime)- $3
    -Risky Safety poster (anime)- $3

    Manuals and Boxes
    -N64-Star Wars Rouge Squadron
    -N64-WCW/nWo Revenge
    -N64- Mario Kart- Totally pristine. Not a scratch, dent or mark on it, and includes all manuals and plastic bag. Perfect condition.
    -GB- Pocket Bomberman
    -PSone- Final Fantasy Chronicles case and manual. 2 copies, one with manual.
    -N64 box- Just the box. It has masking tape on it all over the place, but itís still in decent shape. Good if you want it for storage.

    -Inu-Yasha 7 and 12- $3.50 each, $6 for the pair
    -Ah! My Goddess! Love Potion No. 9- $4

    Iíve also got a LOT of broken electronics, if anyoneís interested in dirt cheap fix-it projects. Everything from scanners, printers, phones and peripherals to a sweet looking clear USB subwoofer that just wont play (takes power, though...) If youíre into that, contact me.

    Crap that I want!
    512 or 256 of DDR RAM
    400 watt power supply
    Bemani stuff
    Sega Saturn
    Metroid Prime
    Sakura Taisen Columns DC
    Zelda GC bonus disc (either one)
    Game posters. I need to cover some walls .

    So, make an offer. I really just need this stuff out of here... I'll sell it off pretty damn cheap, or trade, anything.

  2. Could you post a pic of that KH poster with something to compare size?

  3. what's up with that IMac?

  4. Melf- It's 71.5 by 55.5 centimeters... Size comparison...

    You know what, I'm stupid. I can't attach a file. I'll have Tain do it soon ^^

    A CD case is 12.5 by 14 cm, if that helps at all.

    plik- As for the iMac, it's not that uncommon. The PRAM had to be reset, no problem. But now it wont acknowledge that it has a HD. It only boots from disc. I'm sure this is fixable, I just simply don't know what to do.

  5. Melf, here we go. First one has size comparison to a CD case. Posted the backside, too.


  6. Any way I could see a pic & know the size of the Zone of the Enders 2nd Runner poster?

    I may be intrested.
    [SIZE=1] BUY MY GAMES! [~Video Game Print Ads - Twitter - My DS Collection! ~] Currently Playing: [b]KoTOR & Stardew Valley (X1), SolForge (mobile),

  7. Size is the same as the KH and WW one, 71.5 x 55.5 cm

    Some of it isn't shown, hidden by the white wood thing. I can get a better image if you need it.

  8. Nomi, I definitely want the poster. I have some guides and stuff for trade. check my GTZ list to see if there's anything you like. if not, quote me a price!

    You can check my feedback thread and ebay feedback to see I'm one of the best traders on TNL (pats back).

  9. Other than the NGPC... ^^ There's nothing there, really, within reason.

    There's a very slight tear in the lower-left corner that I didn't see until now, my jackass brother tore it taking it down. It only an inch long and runs under the ESRP rating box. Not noticeable. And, in his brilliance, he used sticky scotch tape. So those are there too. I'll kill him.

    If you can overlook those little corner-flaws, seven bucks okay?

  10. Shipped?


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