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Thread: Update 4-18: MORE!! Low Prices--Games, anime, guides, posters, accessories. OMFG SALE

  1. Er. Damn. Late to the party and I wanted that Kingdom Hearts poster. Well, put me down if the buyer backs out. thanks!

  2. Sorry, already gone and paid for!
    Anything else that interests you, feel free to ask.

    PST- I added a few things, again.

  3. Emailed you!

  4. Added my platinum SE Game Cube. I simply don't use it enough.

    So, for the right price, it's all yours. read: Make me an offer. I do NOT want someone asking for a price. Offers, people! I haggle, really, so just toss a starting price to negotiate from.

    Take that, and I'll throw in Super Smash Bros. for free.

  5. heh, I just sold my platinum GC for the same reason a few days ago.

    I'm intrested in the Neon Genesis Evangelion 1-3 & Love Hina mangas. I'll hit you up on AIM about it next time I see ya.
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  6. When did you mail out the poster? I haven't received it yet. The PO here is veerrrry slow so I'm sure it was the holiday rush.

  7. Gah, I'm really sorry. I went to mail out another thing, and it turns out my damn PO thought it required a customs form. So instead of getting it back to me, it just sat there! I asked for the manager, because he was in, and got it all worked out. Dumbass people up front don't know anything.

    It should have gone out Monday, I think. Terribly sorry for the hassle.

  8. The PO thought it required a customs form? ? I know there's a lot of dumbasses in the PO but that's rich!

    NP, I'll let you know when it gets here.

  9. Nomi: Did you get my second email?

  10. Damnit all the posters I wanted are gone.
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