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Thread: Update 4-18: MORE!! Low Prices--Games, anime, guides, posters, accessories. OMFG SALE

  1. Ah, you caught me. I'm a joke account.

    Nah, it's my dad's paypal/verified credit cardl. Hence the whole Robert Cain deal. I just have his visa numbers and passwords, that's all. ^^

  2. Nomi, did you get got my pm regarding 3 games?

  3. Ah, crap. I think I deleted it. I'm sorry... Regards to DDR's, right?

    Dammit, I suck with PMs. I like people posting a lot more.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Nomi
    -System Bundle- I'll bundle all the games and the WW guide with my Platinum system together for ballpark $125. This includes the original box for GC, and a Wavebird controller in addition to the regular one. Contact me for price haggling.
    This is a good deal - someone should jump on it.
    Quote Originally Posted by Yoshi View Post
    burgundy is the only conceivable choice.
    Quote Originally Posted by Drewbacca View Post
    I have an Alcatraz-style all-star butthole.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by burgundy
    This is a good deal - someone should jump on it.

    And if anyone just happens to have a 512MB (or higher) Compact Flash Card, that's valuable trade fodder for me right now. I'll be in good need of one, soon enough.

    so... Please, dammit, I need money. I'll be in about $100 worth of debt in the next week.

  6. Lowered some prices and added one or two things.

  7. Okay... I'm only going to have this up a bit longer before it all goes to eBay. Take it while you can.

    Lowered prices, again.

  8. Are Super Smash Bros. Melee and Zelda: The Wind Waker still available?

  9. Is SSX Tricky Greatest Hits?

  10. GameFreak: Yeah, both are available. The list is totally updated.

    Criticom: No, it ismn't Greatest Hits. I'll have to check and see if the manual is with it, however. I'll get back to you in an hour.


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