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Thread: Speed Racer is a Scammer!

  1. Speed Racer is a Scammer!

    I just received my package from Speed Racer. This person sold me a $10 bootleg HK anime series for $50 and shipped, MUCH later than said. DO NOT TRUST THIS PERSON!

    This is the same kind of box set I got.

  2. What shit...when I first saw this thread, I was think that somebody should really pick this up. I paid $97 shipped for mine off amazon and thought that was a great deal.
    So sorry to see you got jacked. Hopefully this clown is just some idiot, who actually believed it was real, and refund your money.

  3. That first link doesn't work, sorry to hear you got ripped off man.
    matthewgood fan
    lupin III fan

  4. wow, that's a bit surprising. i bought a game from speed racer a while back and everything came as described. shipping was a little late, but other than that, everything was gravy.

  5. I hope you already filed a complaint with PayPal if that is how you now it may be a few days too late.

  6. I did file a complaint with PayPal. That was the only way, after about half a dozen regular emails to try to resove it w/o paypal, that he responded to me. His reason for being a scammer and then not wanting to to what a good seller would by accepting an item back with a refund: "You screwed up on a purchase because you didn't pay attention to the desription, deal with it."

    It is unfortunate, but I still have faith that people want do the right thing and this will not deter me from future deals here on TNL in the future.

  7. Did he give you more of a description beyond what was posted in his original message, or was that it?
    WARNING: This post may contain violent and disturbing images.

  8. No that was it. I asked if it was the 6 individual or the set and he said the set. Which he stated in his discription. In his own words.

    "my description of the item never said "official US Cowboy Bebop 6 DVDs" it said "Cowboy Bebop 6 DVD set" , it is not my problem that you payed for the item believing it to be the Official US 6 DVD set, you payed for the item with the description I gave on the board, the sale is final."


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