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Thread: Why you can't attach bitmaps anymore

  1. Why you can't attach bitmaps anymore

    I'm tired of downloading 5+mb emails from TNL telling me that you can't attach bitmaps because they're >2mb, so I disabled that particular file extension. GIFs and JPEGs still work fine, and if you need a tool to convert bitmaps to those try

  2. No one should be using BMPs anyway. Bitmaps are teh devil.

  3. Yes, they waste space, and Irfanview is fantastic, and converts them (or any other image type) quickly and easily. Be sure to get the additional plug-ins for it, they rule.
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  4. I'm just using MS paint to switch to JPEG, it still works out.
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  5. Sometimes using MSPaint (though it is the greatest program ever) makes the jpgs look all ugly.

    I reccommend pirating a copy of Photoshop.

  6. Just get IrfanView. It's like 2 megs and lets you save images as just about any type available.

  7. Bitmaps are really only good for using in photo editing programs or flash. Once inside the program you can resize em and whatnot and the picture will look crisp and clear and not get pixely(unless you want that effect).

    Too bad .png files are so big, I kinda like em.


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