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Thread: "The Funny Stuff"

  1. "The Funny Stuff"

    Recently I've steeped myself in a few knee-slappers. Giants: Citzen Kabuto, and Armed & Dangerous to be specific. Both of these games come from a dev house named Planet Moon, and both of them are rediculously funny.

    It got me thinking about all of those other funny games I've played throughout my stint as a gamer. Sam & Max, the Monkey Island games, Full Throttle, etc.

    For me, the comedic touch makes a game that much more enjoyable. Let's discuss!

  2. It can add a lot to a game if it is done in a way that dosent distract from the game. Kotor was an example of a game where characters were funny without seeming clownish. What bothers me is a game like whiplash, where it clearly is a punchline with a platformer bolted on for good measure, while i had a good many laughs, i had to run through a skinner box to get to the funny bits, and it made the passable gameplay seem worse because of it, since the humor became sparse, and the game was just passable then.

    thousand arms was another funny game that stuck with em because,while the characters were much more clownish, it supplied enough humor to keep the game going, there it was a case of very well planned characters who played into specific comic types, so the jokes always fit the character.
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  3. Skull Monkeys!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Anything by the NeverhOod, stormy. Voodoo Vince is also a great example.

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  6. hahaha

    I was surprised at how funny Planescape Torment is. which reminds me, why the fuck aren't I playing it?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by omfgninjas
    "Guybrush? What kind of stupid name is that?"
    "Well, what's your name?"
    * giggles with glee.

    Discworld's librarian is always worth a good chuckle.
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  8. Grim Fandango is one of the funniest games I have ever played. Along with the Monkey Island games... Sam & Max... hell pretty much any adventure game by Lucasarts. I love a game that makes me laugh out loud, which all of those have at some point.
    Also another great humourous adventure games was Beavis and Butthead Virtual Stupidity. I remember one part in the game where you enter the park and a squirrel just runs down the branch and falls over dead. It was one of the most random things I'd ever seen and it had me almost falling out of my chair laughing.
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    "Guybrush? What kind of stupid name is that?"
    "Well, what's your name?"

    woof woof aroo-oo

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  10. See avatar and sig. Superstar Saga's Fawful = Best. Villain. EVAR.

    Bangai-O's dialogue is also very funny, in a 'what-the-fuck-are-they-on-about?' way.
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