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Thread: Booooooooooo

  1. Thumbs Up Booooooooooo

    I want to see the Official Discount Thread and Official Haul thread returned to their former glory!

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  2. The Discount thread sucked. I can see a separate sub-forum for discounts, but the discount thread has to go. And the official haul thread is untouched. Its still there, just in a different forum.

  3. I think it's going to get way too cluttered this way. With each 'deal' being listed as a separate thread as Master's doing, it'll bound to be difficult to actually FIND sale threads from users.


  4. I was about to come in here and flame you for such a shitty, obnoxious thread title, but I actually kind of agree. I never come to the Trade Depot board anyway so it's better to have them in Gaming Discussion, and the two threads really have no buisness being in the Trade Depot in the first place.

  5. That is being discussed here:

    Hopefully a wholly separate sub-forum is on the way.

  6. This wasn't received well the last time it was done, and it hasn't been received well this time either. I think that the threads are really out of place in Trade Depot, and that since more folks go to GD, it's the logical place to put them.
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  7. Yeah last time someone did this it was changed back pretty fast. Why try to do it again?

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  8. Because the discount thread is cumbersome and I think there is a better way. If we could at least give it a shot with its own sub-forum I think it would work rather well.

    It wasn't my idea to make them a part of Trade Depot. I suggested a separate sub-forum so each deal/sale/freebie could get its own thread. Like at

    Trust me, it would work a whole lot better than the discount thread.

  9. I liked the old thread, just checked that last page every day for the latest deals. It was fast and functional with no need to hunt through an entire forum for one deal.

    Yep those where the good ole days, life was simpler back then (then being this morning).

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  10. I vote for a seperate sub-forum for discount stuff, if that helps anyone make a decision...


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