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Thread: Xbox + Tetris/StarWars Bundle + Fuzion Frenzy + GTA Double Pack - $199.99!

  1. Yield Xbox + Tetris/StarWars Bundle + Fuzion Frenzy + GTA Double Pack - $199.99! has the XBox Bundle with Tetris Worlds, Star Wars: Clone Wars, Fuzion Frenzy AND the Grand Theft Auto Double Pack for only $199.99 with free shipping!

    Xbox Console Bundle with Fuzion Frenzy and GTA Double Pack

    Here's one impressive Xbox starter set for under $200. Get the Xbox console along with five games: The felonious good times of the GTA Double Pack, the party game extraordinaire Fuzion Frenzy, as well as Tetris Worlds and Star Wars: Clone Wars. It's all just $199.99!

    Walk, drive and fly around the crime-ridden sidewalks, streets and skies of Liberty City and Vice City with the GTA Double Pack

    With its 40-plus mini games, Fuzion Frenzy is a light-speed paced party game that'll keep you (and your guests) entertained for eons

    Enjoy two top Xbox titles the puzzle fun of Tetris Worlds Online Edition and the famed sci-fi excitement of Star Wars: Clone Wars

    Bundle includes a free 60-day trial of Xbox Live (Xbox Live requires a high-speed Internet connection)

    Play both games and DVDs with the Xbox console

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    Wow. That is a crazy good deal if you don't own an Xbox and have never played the GTA games.


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