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Thread: About people in good game development teams

  1. About people in good game development teams

    What people are employed at different game development companies and what do they do? Check this link for example.

    I was thinking of famous teams like Nintendo, Konami, etc, but feel free to post about other teams aswell if you think reading about them is interresting. Specifically it would be interresting to learn about Nintendo and their different teams . I tried searching a bit, but found nothing good.
    So if you know of any good sites fire away!
    By the way I'm new here. "Cool my own terminator!" is one of my favourite movie quotes and "quick say something about videogames, it's a videogame forum", well ok; Finding other more difficult paths in lylat wars (star fox 64) was a really great videogame moment for me. There you have it; my life story.

  2. The only site I've ever found with anything similiar to what you're looking for is Moby Games. They have short bios on some of the more mentionable movers and shakers in the industry, and even give lesser known people some credit for their games. Unfortunately, Moby Games' pages are pretty incomplete, but it's at least a start.

    (Just search a name in the search box on the left...)

  3. Treasure Info. We got bios and pictures and such there for the more important members, and at least gameographies for all of them. Check out Tetsuhiko Kikuchi, Yoshiyuki Matsumoto, Hideyuki Suganami, Masato Maegawa, Yasushi Suziki, etc.


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