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Thread: **DEAD(?) except for PM** GBA Mega Man & Bass $9.99

  1. GBA Mega Man & Bass $9.99

    Mega Man & Bass for the GBA went to $9.99 at (Link here), but it's on backorder. I took the printout to Circuit City today and got a price match for $9.52 including tax.

    Hopefully someone else will be able to locate this game at your CC.

    On they are reporting that this game is shipping even though people are ordering it when on backorder

    Credit to

  2. I saw this at CC last Saturday, maybe I'll go there today and see if they'll price match it.
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  3. Great call on the pricematch - I got my MM&B for $8 + tax tonight.

    Watch BB finally deliver now.

  4. I was going to price match at CC but they didn't have any in stock either.

    What other stores in the US price match?


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