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Thread: First manga to be ruled "obscene"

  1. Whoa First manga to be ruled "obscene"

    Well heres a first for Japan

    According to a BBC report, for the first time ever, a Japanese court has found a manga publisher guilty of sale and distribution of obscene materials. Monotori Kishi, publisher of the manga Misshitsu ("Honey Room"), was given a one-year prison sentence, suspended for three years, which he immediatey appealed to the Tokyo Supreme Court, citing infringement of freedom of expression.

    Here's a link for the full story.

  2. i was reading about this and i have to say it's ridiculous. they might as well ban anything and everything containing a hint of bare boob.

  3. Apparently, if you add a tiny white stripe across the genitals, it would be fine. It is as if the Japanese are trying to hide the fact that they are perverts in the most retarded possible way.

  4. Kishi's defence lawyers had argued that some photographs, videos, or items on the internet, were far more explicit than Misshitsu.
    I've seen some pretty bad things happen in manga/anime... But I don't think what was in this dude's art could possibly be worse than goatse.

  5. hahaha, goatse's legend still lives on in all our hearts.

  6. Wait, this comes from the country that makes comics about dickgirls and tenticles and other misc terrible things.... I..... I don't understand.

    *head pops*

  7. Makes you glad you live in America, no?

    Of course this is bullshit, but remember, this wasnt taking place in the USA.

  8. What, exactly, was so damned offensive?

  9. "Bodies were drawn in a lifelike manner with little attention to concealment (of genitalia), making for sexually explicit expression and deeming the book pornographic matter," Mr Nakatani said

    In pixie terms "He had pictures of dingles going dangle with a lil push in the bush, that gave a rise to readers that even pixie dust couldn't make."

    The Supreme Court at that time declared obscenity was anything "unnecessarily sexually stimulating, (which) damages the normal sexual sense of shame of ordinary people, or is against good sexual moral principles

    and this is coming from the same country that brought up Legend of the overfiend.

    (edit) I'm DLing the banned manga right now to get some giggles at what they "deem" obscene.
    (double edit) Oh my <blush> Now I feel dirty d-=co

  10. o.o Doubt it beats the eye smoldering images from Lolita Spirits. I should have been struck down upon looking at that.


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