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Thread: Ultimate Electronics B&M - 50% off all PS2 games

  1. Ultimate Electronics B&M - 50% off all PS2 games

    Quote Originally Posted by Yeahman at
    This was originally posted at IGN boards. That's were I learned about this site, starting with the Kay Bee Toys sale. I guess it's time to return the favor.

    Ultimate Electronics advertised recently they were closing out Playstation games at 20% off. As of Thursday all Playstaion 2 and PSone games are 50% off

    There might not be one in your area but if there is go check it out. This includes all major Holiday releases if there are any left.

    *Heads to Ultimate*

    Deal confirmed at Arl, Tx store.

    They still have:

    Jak II $19.99
    FFX-2 $24.99
    Prince of Persia $24.99
    Ratchet and Clank 2 $19.99
    Max payne 2 $24.99
    Ratchet and Clank $9.99
    Max Payne $9.99
    Ico $14.99

    No SSX 3, TH V, Or Lord of the Rings.

    I even found a copy of Mister Mosquito which I couldn't find at CC.

    If you've got one in your area hit em hard and fast because this may be in tommorrow's ad, and then they will be even further picked over.

    Good luck!
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  2. MA gets boned again.

    Maybe somewhere around here will price match?

  3. Considering that they don't sell games online, not likely.

  4. There's a Ultimate Electronics just a few miles from my house. Guess I'll have to go check it out.
    You sir, are a hideous hermaphroditical character which has neither the force and firmness of a man, nor the gentleness and sensibility of a woman.

  5. There are a couple out here in Vegas, gonna check 'em out today and see what kind of deals they got left
    omg TNL epics!

  6. I just went and got Jak 2 $20 Manhunt $25 Sly Cooper 10$ and Silent Hill 3 20$ .

  7. Went to the two local ones. Sadly, FFX-2 was long-gone, but I did manage to score:

    PS2 Official Remote (new version) - $7.50
    Monster Component Video Cables - $30.00
    Medal of Honor: Rising Sun - $24.99
    Baldies (PSX) - $4.99

    Not too shabby
    omg TNL epics!


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