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Thread: No more thread deletion?

  1. Puyo No more thread deletion?


    hi, I felt the need to bring this up publically in the event that community members are also encountering the same problem. It appears that threads can no longer be physically removed. There's some error occuring in the posting.php file and/or a MYSQL error. As a result, we now have two duplicate threads in Headlines since this problem prevents me from removing one of them.

    edit: I pruned it through the VBpanel, but I think this should still be investigated. thanks.

  2. I just physically removed one from feedback... :S

    Did you get a vBulletin error, or a PHP error? (edit nm it was a vBulletin error)

    From what I saw, there was no postid being passed into the delete script query, so I'm pretty sure it was a one-time thing.


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