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Thread: Super Trade/Sale List. Tons of Games, DVD, and Collectables. 25 new items added 1/24

  1. Super Trade/Sale List. Tons of Games, DVD, and Collectables. 25 new items added 1/24

    For sale or trade.

    Some trade stuff I'm looking for includes many Neo Geo MVS Carts/Kits (KOF 2002 please ), Saturn shooters, R-Type Delta, SNES Mega Man X2, SNES Mega Man X3, Dreamcast Vampire Chronicle, and Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner.

    Post here, or E-mail/PM me your offers. You name the price or suggest a trade. I won't put prices on items.

    Everything is complete and in like new condition, unless otherwise marked. Items marked *NEW* are brand new and still factory sealed.

    Keep checking back as I will often be adding new items. These will be marked with orange.

    Collectables -
    Ikaruga Sake Set w/ import Ikaruga for GameCube *NEW* SOLD
    Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles rotating store counter display.
    Legacy of Kain: Defiance store standee.
    Looney Toons store standee.
    "Sponge" GameCube from E3 2001 SOLD
    Tempest 2000 - Official Soundtrack *NEW* (cracked case)
    Gladius - Mongrel Man action figure. *NEW*
    King of Fighters '97 Hat (never worn)
    Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete punching Ghaleon figure. *NEW* SOLD
    Sonic the Hedgehog 10th Anniversary Set (includes music CD, gold coin, and booklet.)
    Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3 store standee
    Capcom Vs SNK 2 Fan Disc for Dreamcast (import)

    Maximum Carnage Box Set (Red and black swirled box includes *NEW* sealed copy of Maximum Carnage for Sega Genesis. Red leatherbound comic book, Spider Man Carnage (reprint of The Amazing Spider Man 344, 345, 359, 360 - 363), 2 silver pins (Spidey, Venom), 1 gold pin (Venom), and Certificate of Authenticity stating this is one of 5,000 limited edition sets from 1994)

    Maximum Carnage Box Set (same as above, but included game is Super Nintendo)

    DVD -
    The Matrix
    FMW - Crash 'N Burn *NEW*
    FMW - Total Carnage
    FMW - The Legend Dawns
    Return of the Living Dead *NEW*

    Games (Neo Geo MVS first, then PC, then consoles in order of relative age) -

    Neo Geo MVS -
    Shock Troopers 2 MVS kit (Complete, mint, english with non-matching serial numbers)
    Ninja Master's (Japanese cart w/ english fliers and mini-marquee)

    MVS Art Packs (Complete, Mint, English)-
    King of Fighters '94
    King of Fighters '98
    World Heroes 2
    Super Sidekicks 3: The Next Glory
    Art of Fighting 2

    PC -
    Master of Orion 3 *NEW*
    Neverwinter Nights
    Once Upon a Knight *NEW*
    Robot Arena - Design & Destroy *NEW*
    The Temple of Elemental Evil *NEW* SOLD
    Unreal Tournament 2003 *NEW*

    GameCube -
    BeyBlade V-Force *NEW*
    DragonBall Z Budokai *NEW*
    Ikaruga *NEW*
    Transworld Surf: The Next Wave

    PlayStation 2 -
    Micro Machines

    Game Boy Advance -

    Dreamcast -
    Bomberman Online *NEW*
    Centipede (Disc Only)
    Charge N Blast
    Championship Surfer
    Coaster Works *NEW*
    Cosmic Smash (Import)
    Death Crimson OX *NEW*
    Demolition Racer - No Exit
    Dragon Riders - Chronicles of Pern *NEW*
    Evolution - The World of Sacred Device *NEW*
    Evolution 2 - Far Off Promise *NEW*
    F355 Challenge Passione Rossa
    Fighting Force 2
    Floigan Bros. *NEW*
    Iron Aces *NEW*
    Jet Grind Radio *NEW*
    Kiss Psycho Circus
    Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver
    Max Steel Covert Missions *NEW*
    Project Justice *NEW*
    Ready 2 Rumble Boxing: Round 2
    Rippin' Riders
    Samba de Amigo
    Silver *NEW*
    Skies of Arcadia
    Sonic Adventure w/ demo disc *NEW*
    Sonic Shuffle *NEW*
    Space Channel 5
    Tee Off
    Time Stalkers *NEW*
    Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six *NEW*
    Tomb Raider: The Last Revolution
    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater
    Unreal Tournament
    WWF Attitude
    Xtreme Sports *NEW*

    PlayStation -
    Fear Effect
    The King of Fighters '99
    No One Can Stop Mr. Domino
    WarJetz *New*

    Virtual Boy-
    Golf *NEW*
    Teleroboxer *NEW*
    Wario Land *NEW*

    Saturn -
    "3 Free Games" Pack (w/ Virtua Fighter 2, Virtua Cop 2, and Daytona USA) *NEW*
    All Star Hockey '98
    Black Fire
    Crime Wave
    Ghen War
    Blazing Heroes
    Machine Head
    NBA LIve '97
    NFL Quarterback CLub
    NHL '97
    Nights Into Dreams With 3D Control Pad *NEW*
    PGA Tour '97
    Revolution X
    Robo Pit
    Star Fighter
    Warcraft II - The Dark Saga

    Jaguar CD -
    Battle Morph *NEW*
    Vid Grid (Complete, Mint)

    3DO -
    Bust-A-Move *NEW*

    SEGA CD-
    Battlecorps *NEW*
    Chuck Rock II: Son of Chuck
    Double Switch *NEW* SOLD
    Lethal Enforcers II: Gun Fighters *NEW*
    Mickey Mania SOLD
    NBA Jam *NEW*
    Samurai Shodown SOLD

    NES -
    Baseball (Cart Only)
    Super Mario Bros. (Cart Only)

    Atari 7800 -
    Dig Dug (Cart Only)
    Galaga *NEW*
    Tower Toppler *NEW*

    Master System -
    Great Football (Box, Cart. Fair condition.)
    Shanghai (Box, Cart. Good condition.)
    Rocky (Cart only, Label in bad shape)

    Atari XE/800/400 -
    Bug Hunt (Cart Only)
    Flight Simulator (Cart Only)
    Millipede *NEW*
    One-On-One Basketball (Dr. J vs. Larry Bird) *NEW*
    Qix (Big box version) *NEW*
    Tennis *NEW*
    Real Sports Football *NEW*
    Rescue on Fractalus! *NEW*

    Atari 5200 -
    Real Sports Football *NEW*
    VCS Cartidge Adaptor (Complete in box)

    ColecoVision -
    Cosmic Avenger (Label ripped in half. Can be yours real cheap ;-p)

    Atari 2600 -
    Basic Programming *NEW*
    Riddle of the Sphinx (Cart Only)
    Indy 500 *NEW*
    Real Sports Soccer *NEW*
    Ms. Pac Man *NEW*
    Sky Diver *NEW*
    Solaris *NEW*

    Go home and be a family man.

  2. The sake set is mine...

  3. Let us know how much you paid for it Burgundy.

  4. For stuff like the sake set, since it's so hard to figure out a legit price, I'm going to take the best offer.

    Make your offers, either here or in private, if you're interested.

    If offers are about equal, then the one who got it in first gets it. It's the only fair way for all of us, since the price is so arbitrary.

    Go home and be a family man.

  5. Ouch, better ban Valgar for a week Burgundy since that's the only way you'll walk away with this
    And to kick it off I bid 50$

  6. Goddamn...I'm finally first to the punch on something, and an auction breaks out.

    $50, plus I send you a Mega Man bobblehead that is apparently a big internet you throw in the GCN foam thing.

    LMN if at all interested so I can hunt down another bobblehead.

    Image -

  7. Any pictures of the Crystal Chronicles display? I've a friend who may be interested.

  8. I have mega man x3, x2 and mega man 5 could i see a picture of the sake set and how much did you pay for it i dont want to overpay for this.

  9. awesome bobblehead, is there any way you will let the secret out on where to find one?

  10. i seen them at gamecrazy


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