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Thread: Videodrone's guide to buyers, traders and sellers

  1. The following people are A'OK in my book:

    Sellers (people I have purchased from)

    Andy -I paid shipping and the guy gave me a ton of FREE pc games. Awesome to work with and a super cool guy all around.

    andyrose -Picked up Project Justice, Perfect

    Captain Vegetable -Picked up an import PS2 and games -was so awesome to work with. Very friendly. Packaging was phenomenal and shipping was quick. Doesn't get much better.

    Core Boy -He sold me a ton of $1 games, threw some it. Shipped quick. Great guy to deal with.

    diffusionx -Bought some Saturn games. Fair priced, shipped quickly and packed nicely. Thanks much.

    DJ_Mo -Picked up a few DC games, ultra quick shipping, as described.

    Gooch -Picked up a few DC games, shipped prompt and games were in great shape. *update* Did another deal with Gooch a game swap this time and everything was perfect.

    haohmaru -Bought a DC Pop'n Music controller, reasonable and shipped quick/secure.

    Michael_Richards -I bought his Mega-deal box. Everything was as describe and more.

    neoalphazero -Bought Genji from Neo for a good price and no complaints.

    omgninjas -Rocks. Picked up a few small titles, threw in another. Awesome!

    plik -Picked up a copy GGx2 and a GGx2 controller. Shipped quickly and everything was in great shape. Another fabulous transaction with plik.

    SmoothCriminal -One of the best experiences I have every had. Bought Drummania controller and games from him. Price was extremely fair, he was super patient with me getting all of the funds and he shipped super fast. Thanks much.

    ssbomberman -Great transaction! Picked up Gaiden for Xbox, he threw in Outlaw Volleyball red hot. Prompt responses and shipping. All items minty! Thx.

    Tojo -Picked up a PSX/Mobile Monitor from him and everything was a described and shipped quickly.

    Tones -Picked up a IIDX control and 6th style from him. Very cool and understanding seller. Quick shipping, fantastic condition on all items. Doesn't get much better.

    Valgar -Bought a DC. Shipped quick and worked perfect.

    Werewolf-Bought some FF wallscrolls. Quick shipping and very easy to work with.

    Buyers (people I have sold to)

    bloodyarts -Bought my copy of GH Advance. Smooth.

    Mzo -Sold him a copy of Capcom Generations 1 -Quick payment, he rocks.

    neoalphazero -Sold him a TG16 title. Was easy to work with, very cool. Prompt payment.

    Shapermc -The IIDX controller I had wasn't getting enough action to justify it's expense, so I sold it and 6th style to Shapermc. He paid extremely quick and was very easy to work with.

    Traders (people I have traded with)

    Gooch -Did another deal with Gooch a game swap this time and everything was perfect.

    Hot Like Wasabi -Traded for a Biohazard memory card holder. Very understand, easy to work with. Thanks much.

    Plik -Traded some DC games. Easy to work with no complaints

    Xeno Gigas -Traded some old Nintendo Power issues for games. No real problems in the end.

    The following people are bad people to deal with:

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  2. Videodrone's guide to buyers, traders and sellers

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  3. Added feedback 02/13/04

  4. Added feedback for neoalphazero 02/15/03

  5. Added feeback for a great transaction. This time with ssb.

  6. ...

    Hey, right back at you. Great buyer.
    "50,000! You scored 50,000 points on Double Dragon?"

  7. Left feedback on a A+++ transaction with Tones.

  8. Added feedback for Tojo. Thanks for a great transaction.

  9. Added feedback for another great transaction with plik.

  10. Added feedback for a great transaction with Shapermc.


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