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Thread: Nomi's List of Good People...

  1. Quote Originally Posted by Nomi
    Geen proved to be a good buyer after a little bit of a communication mishap.
    Yeah, sorry about that. The stuff came in yesterday, and all is great. Thanks!

  2. Adrian was a pleasure to work with. Anyone who feeds my severe Columns addiction is good in my book. Great person to trade with.

  3. I have slightly mixed feelings about Zero-chan.

    I paid for my stuff on March 15th. Only today did I finally receive my package.

    There is a reason to this, and one that I've been in before to a degree. The package was supposed to be mailed by her parents, but instead sat in the backseat of the car. Communication was often sow and for two weeks or more, I was worried that I had been ripped off.

    However! Today, I open my package (well packed, even) and now I'm incredibly pleased. My game was in absolute perfect condition, and my Temjin plush is wonderful. Overall, I hold no grudge against Zero-chan, and would do business once again.

  4. Melf paid quickly for a poster, and though he forgot to include the shipping price, he got that mailed out quickly too. Again, a great guy to deal with.

  5. Did you get the second MO? I added a little something to make up for the delay. Wasn't much but I hoped you might enjoy it (if you don't already have it, that is).

  6. Yup, I most definitely got it ^^ Thanks for the goodies, too! Get the poster yet? I'm starting to really, really not trust my post office with International shipping.

  7. Shipping to PR is domestic.

    I haven't gone to the PO this week. Maybe I'll stop by tomorrow if I get up early enough. If not, I'll go on Monday.

    Glad you got the MO though. Sorry I didn't send it all to you at once.

  8. Oh, I know it's domestic, but it's the same as International to them. They always tell me I need customs papers until I remind them that PR isn't classified as international shipping. The idiots at our office change every week.

    If you don't get it within the week, please let me know.

  9. Swift was totally awesome to trade with. Easy to contact, super-prompt payment. I'd love for him to buy more stuff from me.

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    Giltch Guest
    Next time I'll buy more, that way you can include that Game Boy box


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