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Thread: Nomi's List of Good People...

  1. John Shinpv paid quickly, so a big yay for him. OmegaFlareX and Mzo are once again great buyers and I'd let them give me money any day <3
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  2. shmup-o rocks and bought a lot of stuff, so a great customer all-around.

  3. GohanX pays quick and all that good stuff. <3

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    Nomi's a great seller too. Got my PSOne screen in no time. Whee!
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    Screw being smart. This is TNL.

  5. Cowutopia rocks. After a nice hold period, he paid up nicely and gave me a tip. Super guy to buy from.

    Hey, someone, do a PSP offer for him and I'll Paypal you the cost or something. I feel like helping him out but I lack credit cards to do an offer myself.

  6. Otherdane's an awesome seller. Great price, good stuff and very-very quick shipping.

  7. Nomi = great seller, stuff arrived quickly, very open communication and I got a sweet drawing.

  8. Nomi is a wonderful seller. Got here in great shape and in perfect condition.

    It's my fault the payment came so late.
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