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Thread: LucasArts Xbox Experience = 1 cent

  1. LucasArts Xbox Experience = 1 cent

    Best Buy is selling the LucasArts demo disc for just 1 cent...

    The disc contains playable demos of Gladius, Armed & Dangerous, and Wrath Unleashed. Plus (horrible quality) videos of Secret Weapons of Normandy and a few StarWars games.

    Frankly, I couldn't care less for the demo disc itself, but getting the spare Xb game case for 1 cent was well worth it.

  2. This is supposed to be free only when you buy an Xbox. It isn't really 1 cent. Please don't post deals such as this in the Blue Light District.

  3. I don't see anything wrong with it. BB regularly clears demos and books out for a penny, and so do other retailers. Even if it isn't intended to be a's not like taking an item to the register and scanning it is somehow dishonest.

  4. It is if you know that it is only for those that buy a system. I'm not saying I wouldn't/didn't buy one, but this sort of falls into the grey area of deals. Its not supposed to be a penny, its supposed to be free for those that buy a system.

    I guess its fine, as long as people realize that they are not just supposed to be a penny.

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    This is the kind of thing that I really want to see in this forum. Who cares if it is a "gray area"? If Best Buy's policy allows it to work, it is fair game.

  6. This was a demo like 2 months ago, they're clearing stock, makes sense to me.


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