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Thread: Yoshi's Dealers and Stealers of 2004

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    Yoshi's Dealers and Stealers (2004-2006)

    icarusfall (Sold me a Dino Crisis 3 Xbox set. Everything came in good shape and quickly.)
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    Both Valgar and Videodrone made quick payments via Pay Pal. I recommend them both.

  3. The items I bought from Yoshi were perfect and shipped fast. Thanks again Yoshi!

  4. Buying from yoshi was as easy as making pancakes. Ninja Gaiden was in 100% perfect condition and shipped at speeds that set my mailman on fire. Thanks!

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    Valgar came through once again, this time as a seller. Very quick shipping, and everything was as described.

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    I received my Saturn from haohmaru today. Everything works great, and it was the greatest packing job ever. Ever.

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    PepsimanVsJoe wasn't the quickest shipper in the world, but he did spring for Priority with insurance when he got the game out, and it came in great condition.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Valgar
    Buying from yoshi was as easy as making pancakes.
    Sure was. Thanks for the Nintendo DS bundle (dude takes care of his stuff too, excellent condition).


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