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  1. Megaman ZooCube

    I'm currently in a puzzle-game mood, so I picked this up a few days ago. Although it's published by TNL favorite Acclame (developed by PuzzleKings), it's actually quite enjoyable and addictive.

    It plays kind of like a mix between Frequency and Tetris. You control the ZooCube, which is set at the center of the screen. Different animal shapes drift towards the Cube from the edges of the screen, and the object of the game is to rotate the Cube so that two of the same animal parts hit each other, therefore completing the animal and freeing it (please don't ask me to get into the game's "plot"). If you don't match two indentical parts on the same side of the Cube, the parts stack on top of each other. If your stack becomes five parts high, one more mismatch and it's game over.

    It starts out pretty slowly, but on the higher levels it gets really hectic, especially when the animal pieces start moving faster and from six directions at once. You are also able to juggle the order of animal shapes on your stacks in order to match up incoming parts, and there are various power-ups that affect speed and stacks. You also have three smart bombs that will destroy one level of all your stacks. The game is points-based, and you get bonuses for having a balanced Cube, making combos, and so on.

    The main mode has eight levels, and there are a couple extra modes as well, including a couple multiplayer modes (co-op and competitive). The levels are nicely done - you travel to various oceans around the Earth, and as you play, the sun sets and shadows stretch out. The animals make their own characteristic sounds when freed (some of the noises are pretty weird), and when things get crazy, it actually does sound like a zoo, which is a nice effect. The soundtrack is un-annoying trance that fits well. No slowdown, and the control is perfect.

    Not the most innovative game in the world, but it's putting my brain and fingers in knots at the higher levels - and I'm not playing it at the faster speeds. I'd say it's worth a look for anyone who likes puzzle/reflex games with an unusual setting - I found it used for $12 and have certainly gotten my money's worth.

  2. Ya. I would've got it on GameCube if they still sold the damn thing. I reviewed the GameBoy Advance version about a year ago or so. Maybe someone will trade it in and I'll get lucky!

  3. Yeah, I read your review, bahn, and it played a part in leading to me tracking down the GC version (I don't have a GBA).

  4. Sweet! Glad I was able to help, and that you found an enjoyable game!

  5. It's usually sitting in the clearance sections of the bigger electronics stores...

    ...where I always mistake it for Cubivore and then get sad.
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  6. don't even say cubivore around me... that's like showing starving children candy...


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