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Thread: 2 PS2 games for sale or trade.

  1. 2 PS2 games for sale or trade.

    I had a 2nd go at ICO and still couldn't get into it like most of you. My loss is your gain. I also have an unopened Shinobi. Make an offer if interested. If you want to trade I'm mostly interested in Dreamcast stuff.

    Forgot to mention I bought ICO new about 2 weeks ago and barely played it. So it's minty fresh and complete. And Shinobi is brand new.

    If you need a reference ask Shin Johnpv. He bought Guilty Gear X off me for the DC if he remembers. Thanks.
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  2. i call dibs on ICO. i have loads of DC stuff, otherwise how much are you looking for ICO? FYI there is a few copies of it at my local EB ($14)

  3. I'm interested in both.
    Check my list here:

  4. Interested in both. I have some DC stuff if your interested: Quake 3 Arena (unopened), Jet Grind Radio (unopened), performance tremorpack, official grey dc controller and a blue sega vmu (batteries still work).
    I guess you've learned the benifit to waiting.
    I agree, they should give people like you something. Perhaps a kick in the balls would do nicely and make you slightly less retarded.


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