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Thread: SEGA Pico

  1. SEGA Pico

    No, not for me. I am thinking about buying a Sega Pico for my 4 year old nephew. I started on games before I was his age, but I don't think his mom would be too happy with me buying him a videogame system without educational value. I am also not sure he would cling to it yet, as I did at they early age. So, here are my thoughts on Pico by Sega.

    Amazing. I used to play with the one they had at the Funcoland I worked at when I was 16. I wish they had cool toys like this when I was a kid. The closest thing I had was either ColecoVision or Lite Brite.

    Educational. It actually teaches kids while remaining fun. It also stresses the importance of books. Each "cartridge" (if you want to call them that) is a book that plugs into the system. The system hooks up to the TV and the actual books/games are pretty cool. Granted I'm a little old for them, but the concept is great.

    Sega. I just get a warm feeling knowing that I'm starting my little buddy off on his videogame journey with a trusted brandname(OK, now I sound like SEGA PR). I know its corny, but its just cool to me.

    Liscenses. They have the coolest liscences for the kids books/cartridges including Magic School Bus, Richard Scary's Busytown, 101 dalmations and even Ecco Jr. and other SEGA franchises.

    I think my mind is made up. I'm gonna hit the net and find a boxed Pico and clear out my local Ames of all their software for it (I wish they had the Pico, but nope, just software). For like 10 bucks for each book, I can't go wrong. Thoughts? Anybody actually own one of these just because its Sega?

  2. Did Majesco rerelease these or are all of them actually made by sega? Just wondering.

  3. My sister got a Sega Pico around 7 years ago, she was 5 or 6 at the time.

    She got the Sonic 'game' and the Richard Scarry 'game'.

    I think she liked it. We still have it somewhere in the basement.
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    Johnny Guest
    The Pico lives!

  5. That site is ker-azy

    Where on earth did you find it?

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    I bougth one for my four year daughter.
    She likes it, but her older siblings use it more than she does.
    The one game I'd like to get is Sonic, but it's hard to find, or rather sells for up to $40 on Ebay, more than I paid for the system and three games.

  7. If your Ames doesn't carry a game that you want, PM me and I can check the local ones for ya. They've got tons of Pico stuff
    - Kabuki

  8. Oh, and Busytown for the PC owns.
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  9. Here's what they sell in the Pico section of

  10. Bah. Just get him GTA3.
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