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Thread: What Happened to Earthbound/Mother 64?

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    What Happened to Earthbound/Mother 64?

    Man I wanted this one so bad and even had put money down for it years ago. I actually heard that it was pretty far along before it was cannned any chance of it resurfacing on the Cube?

    This and Freakboy were two N64 games I wanted but never came out.


  2. Well, at the time game was cancelled, Nintendo was putting most of it's effort on the Gamecube and Mother 3 was still far from finished. So Shigesato Itoi decided to spent his resources by helping Nintendo with the Gamecube instead.

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    Thanks Johnny Undaunted that's a nice site?

    Any fans of Earthbound?


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    I loved Earthbound when I rented it back in the day. I'll buy it eventually.

  5. Earthbound was such a unique SNES RPG, the battle graphics could have been better but regardless it was a fun quest. When I get spare time I've been playing the English NES version on my Dreamcast. Damn Nintendo for not bringing that game out *-neo

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    I found Earthbound in a pawn shop for 5 bucks about a year 5 bucks I ever that oddball soundtrack too

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    It's sad that Mother 1 never came out domestically even though it was already translated.

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    Don't forget those smelly ads.


  9. Any earthbound fans...heh.

    I created an alternate soundtrack to Ragnarok Online featuring Earthbound Muisc. When Smash Bros Melee came out I threw down at Korly's house with Ness....and in another note for Otakon I plan on cosplaying as Ness

  10. Oh yeah, I'm a fan of Earthbound. A big enough fan to have gone out of my way to acquire a beta copy of the original Earthbound for Nintendo that was translated but never released. And no, its not for sale or trade, I'm going to the grave with this thing

    I loved the series, and was thoroughly depressed Mother 3 was canned, but the N64 hardware was already more-or-less dead and the game wasn't as far along as hoped. Hopefully, one day, it'll resurface on the Cube or GBA and we'll get to see that long-awaited sequel.
    omg TNL epics!


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