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Thread: $1000 tenchi box set!?!

  1. $1000 tenchi box set!?!

    The right has a limited edition box set of Tenchi out for $1000, but the price is reduced to 700 something.

    You'd have to be a HARD CORE tenchi fan to buy this one. But it does come in a nice wood box.

    Tenchi box set

  2. Wow. It should come with a real Ryoko for that price.
    pwned by Ivan

  3. It's $800 because of the craft work on the wooden box. I'm not surprised at the cost since it's an import and you literally get tenchi-everything with it. So nice...

  4. except for the new GXP.

  5. Damn for that price it should come with Tenchi's sword

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Rtificial
    except for the new GXP.
    Yeah, but who would want that?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Green
    Wow. It should come with a real Ryoko for that price.
    If it came with a love pillow, I'd be all over that.

  8. If anyone actually buys that I will find you and kill you.

  9. #10
    You could buy a lot of sex for that.


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