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Thread: WHAT!! Berserk manga pulled from shelves

  1. WHAT!! Berserk manga pulled from shelves

    Recently Employee's of Suncoast were told to remove Berserk and Steel Angel manga's from shelves. They also pulled a few adult animes too.

    No wonder I'm having a damn hard time finding berserk on store shelves. Since media play, suncoast and sam goody are all under the same company. This damn right pisses me the hell off. I haven't sat here and bitched about not having berserk in english, then finally it gets released in the U.S. Once released I can't hardly even find it. Then the next blow its jerked off what few shelves its even on.

    Times like these I wish I had a dragon slayer sword myself. I'd go right into GD Suncoast and bash in their childrens section.

  2. neither of those stores, AFAIK, don't carry hentai, or anything remotely adult anime, in store. some of the suncoast's i've been to do carry manga though, but their selections are terrible. they should've just left them alone.

  3. I've been able to find it pretty easily at small, local comic stores, as well as Borders book stores, which carry a very wide selection of Manga. If there are any in your area, Rtifical, might wanna check 'em out.
    omg TNL epics!

  4. I don't really have any comic stores to my knowledge in my area. The nearest borders are over an hour away. I got lucky at one and thats how I found Berserk volume 1 and bought up their only copy.

    I went back later on to see if they had volume 2 but no luck.

  5. Is Berserk not getting a wide release? I've had volumes 1 and 2 on order from RightStuf since late December and there are still no signs of them shipping anytime soon. I want my Berserk now! 12-15 days my ass.

    Also, does anyone know what the release schedule looks like for the rest of the series? I'm seriously impatient after watching the series again, I need to know what happens!

  6. the release schedule is something like every 100 months (random number). DH doesn't want to release the series too quickly in fear of catching up to the japanese releases and then having nothing to publish themselves. so we've gotta wait foreverand1day for any new volumes.

  7. Dark Horse is pretty bad about that sort of thing. There hasn't been a new Blade of the Immortal tpb for ages.

    Although, Tokyopop is just as bad -- PLANETES #2 hit last month, while #3 isn't hitting until June. I asked them about it over email, and their response was a friendly version of "Tough cookies. You get to wait, consumer pig." I'm not sure why they think such a long period between releases is a good thing, since any interest there was in PLANETES will effectively be killed.

  8. Yeah, .hack seems to be once every 5 months. But there should only be like 4 of them.

  9. Have you read the Berserk manga? Surely you can see why someone would not want it sitting out in the open for kids to flip through. It's extremely gory, with alot of objectionable sexual content, violent rape scenes (including child rape in Vol 3), and pretty graphic at that (one of the few non-hentais that has full frontal nudity). It's definately brown wrapper material.

    Berserk totally pushes the limits of what's fit to print even by japanese standards. The magazine it's serialized in it pretty much a hentai mag, just because they let him do whatever they want. Surely you can see why a mother would not want her son leafing through it in a Suncoast.


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