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Thread: Mad rare hardware sell-off

  1. Quote Originally Posted by Videodrone
    No bidding war here...I already have a Saturn set. I'd only take 'em if I can get a deal. GO WILD!!1
    Too bad I'm laying down 460 bucks for a controller this week. I'm going to be so far in debt I wouldn't be able to afford a broken Saturn pair of Twinsticks.

    And it's not like I have a working DC, anyway. They're just something I'd like, but wont ever have.

  2. Got any Vectrex stuff?

    Good job recognizing the point at which it becomes more work than play. I'm walking the line between what I want and what I actually have time for every day, usually on the wrong side, but at the moment things aren't too bad. I can definitely understand why you're dumping this stuff, but it's too bad you couldn't open a gaming museum or something with it. I'd love to browse and learn about a major collection like that.

    You sure a gaming museum doesn't sound like fun to you?


  3. Quote Originally Posted by Nomi
    Too bad I'm laying down 460 bucks for a controller this week.

  4. Yeah... I know, I need help when 460 looks like a good deal for a controller that works for one small game series.

  5. Dude, on your Dreamcast BBA auction it says for compatibilty, "Works with all Nintendo GameCubes(or the Panasonic Q).
    I swear I fixed this before the auction started!! Damn you, ebay!!

    As for the twinsticks, I've got 2 or 3 pairs here, one I've converted to a neo pinout so I can use 'em on the PC to play Assault and Vindicators. =)

    Regarding the Mk3 + FM, I've got two of those (one boxed) and one Japanese Master System, which has the FM hardware built in, unlike the US model.

    And lastly, the Agetech sticks - they're not called Agetech here, they were the official Sega sticks. Keep that in mind when you're dealing with someone who might not have been in the US when the DC came out. They'll never know what you're talking about.
    Please stop confusing your opinion with fact.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Nomi
    Yeah... I know, I need help when 460 looks like a good deal for a controller that works for one small game series.
    That's nuts, now I'm curious, which game series is that? I don't think I've ever seen a controller that expencive before.
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  7. Beatmania IIDX, of course. The lovely Arcade Style Controller...

    I know, I know. Messed up. But I must have one!

    ...Okay, dammit, I want those DC Twinsticks. I'm going to be looking like mad for them on eBay.

  8. OH.....MY....GOD!!! *wets his pants and faints* Ok, ok I must ask now about the following and i'm very interested in them all:

    1) The JVC Wondermega - I see by the pic it looks in good condition. HOW good? Do you still have the box, instructions, etc. Ok, its a long shot, but would you happen to have a converter to play my Sega CD games on it? I know I can't, and if i REALLY can't it's ok, but I figured I would ask.

    2) NEC PC-FX - All the same questions as above

    3) You said you have many rare PC-Engine games....would you happen to have Dead Of The Brain? If so, what condition is the cd, manual, etc. in?

    Ok, big question obviously much would you ask for each of those things? Thanks for any info.

  9. 1. I have two or three Wondermegas in varying conditions, I no longer have any with the boxes or manuals.

    2. The PCFX WAS in great condition before I dropped a monitor on it and left a big black mark on the top. Still works fine, no dents or cracks, but... Big black scar. =/

    3. I bought a dozen DotB when it was new, and no one cared. Now that I haven't any left everyone cares. Let that be a lesson unto you! =(
    Please stop confusing your opinion with fact.

  10. *hangs head in shame* I know I know all about the DotB thing, but it was out when I was firt buying my Duo and everything and only had so much money! LOL Ok, I'm still interested in the Wondermegas. Could you tell me the "varying degrees" of conditions and how much would you want for them?


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