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Thread: We know it was broken

  1. We know it was broken

    Nick broke it. It's fixed now.

  2. And I would have fixed it, too. But Lhadatt types faster. :)

    Thanks, man.

  3. No probs.

  4. thanks for breaking it.

  5. Omelettes for all!

  6. If it wasnt for my howls of rage at Nick over MSN IM it would never have gotten fixed, I reckon.

  7. Not likely. I was on when it happened.

  8. ... What broke? MySQL die?

  9. I added a user to some categories in config.php, but I wasn't aware you needed to add to the end of the list. Just another example of why we are better than computers.

  10. You don't necessarily need to add to the end of the list -- for some reason, whatever you did broke it. Maybe it got uploaded wrong or something.

    It was technically correct though.


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