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    I have been reading about Yukikaze for awhile now and didn't really care much about it. Yea the ship designs were slick and eye opening but I passed it off. Then I began seeing all these Yukikaze Vs Macross discussions and passed it off as a wannabe.

    Then on the Newtype demo dvd they had a short trailor for the series. WHEW, I'm pretty impressed by the CG dog fights it has on this series. Gonzo the studio that does this one have come a loooong way since Blue Sub no.6

    They have the same trailor up on the official site, but it don't do it justice seeing it on a nice tv and in surround sound. But still check it out if your a fan of slick jet fights.

    Yukikaze official site

    Warning the site is nice except for the CONSTANT annoying sounds that I can't figure out how to turn off on the main page.

  2. In the upper right hand corner it says sound and you can turn it off. I think the show looks pretty nice. If there's more than 3 episodes to a disc I might buy it. I like jets.

  3. That does look pretty cool..My only complaint is...

    Fairy Air Force?

    Jeez, someone needs to let these guys on to some of more subtle nuances of the English language.
    Time for a change


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