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  1. Yuck Tojo

    I started off a sale thread, few days later I received a PM from Tojo.

    "Hey, I saw your post and I do have this game up for grabs. It's not complete, missing the manual. Disk is in good shape and it plays fine though. Don't really know what to ask for this. Nothing on your list really excited me except maybe Fire Emblam. It's yours if you want it, just LMK. "

    This was on January 13th.

    deal was DOAX for Fire emblem gba.

    I received the game yesterday after many delays in shipping, many of which may not have been his fault, but I did get the game.

    Now the game has Numerous scratches which render the game nearly unplayable. I can do so for about 5 minutes then it craps out and ceases to work for the rest of the day.

    Just a heads up to anyone who might want to deal with him in the future. If you do, I sure hope your luckier than I am.

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    Sorry to hear that man, maybe you can have a pro re-surface it like at a CD shop, it's flawless and brand new looking most places that sell games and cds should have one, it will run you about $1.00-$2.00 a game.

  3. I played it for an hour on my xbox. I have a version 1.4 with a Samsung drive. No problems at all. Maybe it's your drive or something, I dunno. If you want, perhaps we can work something out. Via PM.


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