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  1. Moso Dairinn

    Satoshi Kon has a new anime series about to start airing in Japan called Moso Dairinn. Satoshi famous for Perfect Blue, Millennium Actress, and Tokyo Godfathers is creator and director. Character designer Masashi Ando of Princess Mononke and spirited away fame does the designs on this one too. Also on board is Seishi Minakami of Boogiepop Phantom fame does the script.

    The story is about a famous designer who created a popular character. One day she is attacked on the streets by a young boy on rollerblades with a baseball bat. But her whole recollection of the event is vague so people don't really believe the story. Then other attacks of the same thing begin to happen in the city.

    The series is supposed to focus on a different victim each episode. Each episode is supposed to be tied together with the "batboy" and the designer, detectives and the other victims.

    Sounds pretty interesting so far. Maybe we can see this one soon.

  2. yea, definitely sounds pretty interesting, but the way it's put together sounds too much like Boogiepop. not that that's a bad thing though. i dunno, even though i'm not all that excited about the set up, with Satoshi Kon directing things i've no doubt it'll turn out better than i'll be expecting.

  3. Well its now named Paranoia Agent.

    Also they got the first episode up on the site for watching too. Requires Windows media player and high speed connection I think. Also in Japanese with NO subtitles

    First episode here!

  4. I've seen the first three episodes fansubbed so far, and it is so far very good. I feel like I could watch a movie-length version of each one of the episodes. The characters and atmosphere and animation style and everything else about it is of very high quality, and the opening theme is awesome. Satoshi Kon's style is evident throughout, and I was reminded of Perfect Blue by multiple scenes in the first episode alone. I'm really anticipating the next episode of this.

    Anyone know how many episodes there will be?
    God is Rome

  5. Yea the opening is pretty trippy, but I like it. The ending credits song and pictures makes me all calm too.

    It has some pretty high quality animation for a tv series.

  6. I am all over this.
    Time for a change

  7. I dont know what happened in that episode, but it kicked ass. I have to get the fansubs!

  8. This is now on my short list of anime shows that I love, along with the likes of Cowboy Bebop, Lain, Ghost In The Shell: SAC, Trigun, and probably a few others I can't think of.
    God is Rome

  9. This show... is really good

    Everyone should be watching it.

  10. US release is in Oct. just a heads up. something to look forward to for sure.


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