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Thread: Xbox Live icon

  1. Yield Xbox Live icon

    I think it's cool. That's all. Just wanted to let you's know.

  2. ...actually that's just teh Xbox

  3. It's a good idea using the XBOX, but how about something like this instead?

  4. Using the XBOX is a good idea, but how about something like this instead?

    Maybe just a bit smaller...

  5. Good job Werewolf. that icon definitely works!

  6. Hot. I'll have to stea.. er borrow that and modify the templates.

  7. I'm still waiting for Turbo Grafx and Atari icons...

  8. Good ol' Turbographx Live...

  9. Icons for the systems.

    It's a thread here.

  10. Werewolf, demand royalties for that image.


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