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Thread: Game Retail Bill Introduced in Congress

  1. Game Retail Bill Introduced in Congress

    A California congressman seeks to restrict sales to minors.

    Rep. Joe Baca (D-Cal) has introduced a bill, H.R. 4645, that, if passed, will make it a violation of federal law to sell games that include violence or immorality to children under the age of 17. Cosigned by 21 other members of the House, the bill specifically seeks to restricts games that feature explicit in-game depictions of decapitation and dismemberment, murder, carjackings, illegal drug use, rape, prostitution, assualt and other violent crimes. If passed, the law would assess fines on the first two offenses, but also imprisonment for up to 90 days upon the third offense.

    Specifically, the bill seems to target Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto III, the nation's best-selling game from December through March, but one that was initially banned in Australia for its violence. The bill comes on the heels of last week's German school shooting as well as last month's federal court ruling that localities can forbid sales of violent games to minors because video games contain no protectible speech.

    IDSA president Doug Lowenstein, while praising the concerns behind the bill, argued that such a law would be "both unnecessary and unconstitutional" in light of the industry's successful self-regulation. A spokesman for Circuit City Stores, which has a policy of checking identification before sales of M-rated games, said that the ultimate responsibility falls on parents, not retailers.


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