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Thread: Memories

  1. Memories

    i swore that we had a thread for it, but i couldn't find it. but yea, official site is up for the dvd release.

    extras are:
    • making-of featurette.
      theatrical trailers.
      interviews w/ Otomo, Koji Morimoto, and Tensai Okamura.
      pilot films for Magnetic Rose, Stink Bomb, and Cannon Fodder.

    no mention of a date on the site itself, but according to Amazon (linked for preordering at the site), it's listed for release next week, 02.24.04.

  2. This looks totally kickass. Its like another Animatrix without the whole 'tied to a franchise in its death throes' thing.
    Time for a change

  3. I think the memories thread was on MXA.

  4. I can't wait to see it.
    pwned by Ivan

  5. AoD review. didn't really read the review itself, only spot checked the scores and it got high marks. definitely coming out this Tuesday. this and the Chappelle's Show season 1 set makes this week great already.

  6. Awesome, the dvd got the treatment it should!
    pwned by Ivan

  7. Amazing stuff. Each piece is incredibly well-done in every respect.

  8. picked this up today also (Chappelle's Show being the other), but i haven't watched it yet. i like the mini-booklet that came as an insert instead of nothing or the usual single insert. and the cover isn't as bad as i initially thought it to be.

    next on the agenda is Tokyo Godfathers. the press release for that came out with specs on the disc.

  9. got through to watching it and it's really worth seeing. well, everything but the last story, Cannon Fodder. i didn't really like that as much as the other two even though the art was a high point. the story just seemed lacking and didn't make much sense. Magnetic Rose was the strongest piece of the three for me. it had some mystery in it, some horror, and worked well. Stink Bomb was pretty funny. had a nice ironic ending to it which sweetened things.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Ashen Victor
    got through to watching it and it's really worth seeing. well, everything but the last story, Cannon Fodder.
    Wow, hm. Cannon Fodder left me with the most to think about, personally. I think it goes like this: Magnetic Rose has the best storyline, Stink Bomb was the "easiest to enjoy," and Cannon Fodder leaves you with the most to think about.

    I mean, there are a ton of different ways you can look at the concept of Cannon Fodder. There's about a half dozen different messages you can interpret. Example: we're losing sight of our purpose [the residents have no idea what they're shooting at, but that's what their entire economy revolves around.] Definitely worth rewatching in the future.


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