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Thread: Sam and Max Hit the Road

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    Sam and Max Hit the Road

    Easily one of the best graphic adventure games ever made, S&M is a classic.

    Show your love for this dog and rabbit duo.

  2. I found a complete copy of it a few months ago but I've yet to play it. Looks real neat (and so was the cartoon).

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    I haven't seen the cartoon or comic but I'm willing to bet this game does do them justice. The voice acting is great.

  4. This is one of my favoritest games ever (its a word because I say so).

    Anybody excited about the new game? I hope its at E3!

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    Is the new game Xbox exclusive?

  6. Sam & Max is the best computer game ever! Anyone know where I can get the comics?

  7. Sam and Max IMO is the best point and click game ever. Its funny as hell, everything screams originality, and the puzzles are a real mind fuck at times. Not on the level of Day of the Tentacle in terms of difficulty, but thats a good means it can actually be beaten I was actually playing this again last week. It only took me around 2 1/2 hours to beat since I have the whole thing memorized, but it was still one hell of a time.
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  8. Sam and Max Hit The Road's my #1 favorite PC single player game ever. Just fantastic.

  9. S&M = Gaming Genius!!!!!

    I can't wait to see what LucasArts has planned for the sequel

  10. Re: Sam and Max Hit the Road

    Originally posted by NeoZeedeater
    Easily one of the best graphic adventure games ever made, S&M is a classic.
    One of the best? No. It is the best.


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