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Thread: Alien Soldier PAL borders

  1. Alien Soldier PAL borders

    I know it's going to have borders, but are they a reasonable size?
    It varies from game to game & I don't want to buy a Mega Drive if the borders are too big in this game.

    Hope some one can help. Thanks.

  2. Nintendo GameCube


    Man, I love tEH newbies.

    P.S., just spring the extra cash and get the Japanese NTSC version, man, if your all that concerned about the PAL version's graphical glitches.
    omg TNL epics!

  3. If you play it on a Genesis it wont have borders, the game will be minorly fucked up at some parts becouse the game was optimised for 50Hz.

    Hope yer Genesis is modded or you have a good convertor cartridge.

  4. Dude, tell us where you live. Then we can help.

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    The only part of the game that was fucked up for me is near the end, where you are descending from orbit, and the background is a big neon blue background for a few minutes.

    No borders either

  6. Oh just ROM the damned thing.
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