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Thread: Was there ever a Gi-Joe console game?

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    Was there ever a Gi-Joe console game?

    I used to love the Gi-Joe cartoon, and the action figures I recall an Arcade Gi-Joe game that was pretty cool. Anybody know if there was any other Joe games?



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    G.I. Joe on NES wasn't bad.

    Nothing beats the Konami arcade game you mentioned though.

  3. There was also a Atari 2600 game... the name escapes me right now though

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    I think I remember one on the Atari, wasn't there 2 on the NES like the Atlantis Factor?

    I wish they would make a new Joe game but I don't know how popular it would be.


  5. Originally posted by NeoZeedeater
    G.I. Joe on NES wasn't bad.

    Joe for NES was actually pretty dope if memory serves me correctly.

    I've havent played it in years, but I just added it to my "pick it up next time I see it" list

  6. There was a GI Joe game on the Commodore 64 that was pretty was divided into two parts: Person to person combat and vehicle to vehicle combat.

    The person to person was actually great- it actually played like an old forefather to Powerstone in that you and you opponent could choose from a selection of GI Joe (Snake Eyes, Duke, Snow Job, Scarlett, etc.) and Cobra (Cobra Commander, Destro, Major Bludd, The Baroness, etc.) soliders, and duke it out in one of several free-roaming environments. Each solider had different speed and weapons...some had fast, weak weapons (like Storm Shadow's arrows), and some had slow, powerful weapons (like Scrap Iron's missle launcher). Each stage had some sort of hazard- the desert level has a FANG helicopter randomly flying overhead that would drop bombs, and the city level had a roaming Cobra SNAKE robot that you could shoot to send after your enemy, who could in turn shoot it and send it back after you, only faster. Very cool.

    Here's a shot of Gung-Ho fighting Storm Shadow on the city level- that's Storm Shadow on the far right, and that's Gung-Ho getting his ass kicked by the SNAKE robot in the middle...and you can even slip on the oil slick or the water leaking from the fire hydrant. The game was pretty advanced for its day...

    Here's the Cobra character select screen...

    Title screen...

    Level select...

    The Vehicle combat was decent, but the control was kinda bad, especially for the flying units. Here, you could only play as GI Joe, and you could choose one of several vehicles (tanks, jeeps, helicopters, jets) to attack a territory that had been captured by Cobra. Basically, you had to take out various bases and cannons. It was okay, but the other mode was a lot more fun.

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    I forgot about The Atlantis factor by Capcom.

    The pic I posted was from an earlier G.I. Joe game from Taxan.

  8. The first G.I. Joe for the NES is great, Atlantis Factor is crap though.

  9. Thanks! Now I know.

  10. Cobra Command was on the 2600 I beleive.


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