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Thread: Dino Stalker - Capcom's latest - Hands On impressions

  1. Dino Stalker - Capcom's latest - Hands On impressions

    Well, Follow this link to GameStop for some hands on impressions of this upcoming PS2 gun game.,00.html

    Sounds really cool, and I hope it will be released in US anytime soon.

  2. #2
    I still haven't played the first two Gun Survivor games. Aren't they supposed to suck?

  3. Thanx for the heads up despair...
    Still keeping that FUNK alive...^_^

    Jae's dream date can be found HERE.

  4. No Problem

    Article says it hits the stores this September, I hope it wont take them a hlaf a year to bring it to US

    Well, I heard that Gun Survivor 2 was not bad. At least way better than original one on PSX


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