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Thread: Melf's Big Sale

  1. Whoa Melf's Big Sale (Massive Update 8/16/06)

    I'm selling off some stuff that I just don't play any more, even though it pains me to do so. Everything here comes exactly as described. Prices are negotiable and I'm open to trades. Genesis, SNES, Neo-Geo, GBA, or TG-16 games are welcome! Prices do not include shipping! I ship everything priority mail with delivery confirmation, so add another $4.35 to your total. With the exception of heavy things, like controllers or magazines, there's almost no limit to what I'll ship for $4.35 so don't worry about combining shipping costs.

    Payment is via postal money order. Sorry, no PayPal. Pics available upon request.

    Please PM me or reply here with offers.


    Console: Deck (with new 72-pin connector), two controllers, Zapper pistol, rf switch, AC adapter, box & foam). It has some stickers on it but works flawlessly. All it's missing is the instruction manual, as the box and foam are in great condition. $50 Shipped.

    Box, Slip Case & Manual:

    - Castlevania II: Simon's Quest $8 ON HOLD
    - Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse (has sweepstakes card & shrinkwrap too!) $8 ON HOLD
    - Kiwi Kraze $8
    - Section Z $8
    - Shadow of the Ninja $8 ON HOLD
    - Tetris $8

    Box, Slip Case & Posters

    - Blaster Master $5

    Box & Slip Case Only:

    - Gyruss $5
    - Strider $5 ON HOLD

    Cart, Manual, & Slip Case Only:

    - Abadox $4
    - Batman $4
    - Bionic Commando $4 ON HOLD
    - Crystalis $4
    - DuckTales $4
    - Gargoyle's Quest II $5
    - Gun.Smoke $4
    - Rolling Thunder $4
    - Rush 'N Attack $4
    - Rygar $4 ON HOLD

    Cartridge Only

    - Adventure of Link $4
    - Castlevania $5
    - Ice Climber $4
    - Ikari Warriors $4
    - Iron Tank $4
    - Metal Gear $4
    - Stack Up $10


    - NES Advantage stick (complete with box, foam, manual, and baggies) $10
    - Nes Zapper! (gun only) $4


    - Console: Deck (modded for SF games), two controllers, RF switch, AC adapter, and box (very beat up) $30

    Box Only

    - Earth Defense Force (former rental, label torn in one place) $5
    - Super Star Wars (rental stickers on side, label intact) $5

    Box & Manual

    - Arkanoid Doh! It Again $10 ON HOLD
    - Darius Twin $8
    - Demon Crest $10 ON HOLD
    - F-Zero $8
    - Legend of the Mystical Ninja $10 ON HOLD
    - Run Saber $10 ON HOLD
    - Super Castlevania IV $20 ON HOLD
    - Super Double Dragon $8 ON HOLD
    - Super Empire Strikes Back (excellent condition with all paperwork and shrinkwrap!) $10
    - Super Nova $10 ON HOLD
    - Super R-Type (box torn on one side) $8
    - Super Return of the Jedi (excellent condition with all paperwork and shrinkwrap!) $10
    - Super Smash T.V. $8
    - Super Turrican (excellent condition with all paperwork and shrinkwrap!) $15 ON HOLD

    Catridge & Manual Only

    - Super Mario All-Stars/Super Mario World $5



    - Console: Deck, controller, RCA cables, AC adapter, memory expansion, rumble pack, box and all documents) $40

    - Jet Force Gemini (manual only) $10
    - Mischief Makers (complete) $15
    - N64 Action Replay (complete) $15

    Game Boy:

    - Gargoyle's Quest (clamshell case only) $5
    - Metroid II: Return of Samus (complete with box, manual, clamshell case, and tray) $8 ON HOLD
    - Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins (manual & clamshell case only) $4


    - Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters, (import, no manual) $10
    - Zoids, (import) $15
    - Freeloader Import Game Enabler (Play imports on your GC!) $10


    - Hexen (complete and in great condition) $4


    Rakugaki Showtime (complete and in wonderful condition. Even has the spine card!) $125


    - Top Max Enforcer arcade stick (blue, complete with box) $8


    - Microcosm (jewel case with manual and instert, excellent condition) $5
    - Neverhood (Sealed) 1, 2 $40

    Strategy Guides:

    - Animal Crossing (Prima, very good condition) $4
    - Eternal Ring (Brady, great condition) $4
    - Goldeneye (Nintendo Power) $4
    - Gran Turismo 3 A-spec (Versus, great condition, poster included) $5
    - Mark of Kri (very good condition) $3
    - Metal Gear Solid 2 (Brady, great condition, no poster) $4
    - Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (Brady, very good condition) $4
    - Nintendo Power 4-Player Extra (NES) $3
    - Onimusha (Brady, great condition, poster included) $5
    - Silent Hill (Brady, very good condition) $5 ON HOLD
    - Silent Scope (Prima, very good condition) $4
    - Starfox 64 (Nintendo Power) $4
    - Star Wars: Jedi Outcast (Versus, excellent condition with poster) $8
    - Time Splitters (Prima, very good condition) $2
    - Tony Hawk 2X (Brady, good condition) $2
    - Unreal Tournament (Brady, very good condition) $3
    - Wild Arms 3 (complete with poster) $5 ON HOLD
    - Wave Race: Blue Storm (Nintendo Power) $5


    - Banjo Kazooie (N64) box $3
    - Castlevania Adventure (GB) box, manual, & tray $10 ON HOLD
    - Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse (NES) box, manaul, & reg. card $5 ON HOLD


    - Large N64/SNES cartridge drawer (holds 24 carts) $10
    - Small N63/SNES cartridge drawer (holds 12 carts) $5
    - Tom Clancy Companion Demo Disc (Splinter Cell & GR levels!) $5
    - Pokémon Stadium Demo Disc $3
    - True Crime companion DVD $5
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  2. I'll take Operation C and Macross DC if available. *-neo

  3. Melf, I'd take Ninja Gaiden 3, Metroid, and Snake's Revenge off of your hands.
    R.I.P Kao Megura (1979-2004)

  4. Melf id like to grab the Half Life and Paper Mario guides off you PM me
    Where I play
    Quote Originally Posted by Dolemite
    I've changed my mind about Korian. Anyone that can piss off so many people so easily is awesome. You people are suckers, playing right into his evil yellow hands.

  5. Can you go into detail about the Yoshi's Island banner?

  6. Melf, I'd like Operation C for GB....unless that was the one neo had dibs on, in which case, blargh
    omg TNL epics!

  7. Quote Originally Posted by neoalphazero
    I'll take Operation C and Macross DC if available. *-neo
    Neo, both are available and on hold for you. Operation C is complete and in excellent condition. The box has all the paperwork and even the plastic tray to hold the cartridge. Macross has everything, including the spine card, and the disc is scratchless.

    Your subtotal: $15.
    Priority mail with delcon: $4.35
    Total: $19.35

    My addy is:

    Kenneth Horowitz
    Urb. Alturas de Puerto Real
    Calle Medregal A-1
    Cabo Rojo, PR 00623

    I'll PM you when payment arrives and ship either the same day or the next.



  8. Neo, Roufuss, and John, PMs sent! Roufuss, pics are below.

    Sqoon, the banner is the promotional one used in EB and Gamestop. It has clips for hanging from the ceiling, and includes cups for sticking onto a glass window. See pic below.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Roufuss
    Melf, I'd take Ninja Gaiden 3, Metroid, and Snake's Revenge off of your hands.
    Fucker always buying up the shit I want..

  10. If I were to buy all your N64 games, how much would shipping be?


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