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Thread: Melf's Big Sale

  1. I'd say about $10, priority mail with delivery confirmation. I'd have to weigh them and calculate to be sure though.

  2. Melf you forgot my pictures
    R.I.P Kao Megura (1979-2004)

  3. They're posted!

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Melf
    They're posted!
    Oh man, sorry, I must be totally blind
    R.I.P Kao Megura (1979-2004)

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Roufuss
    Oh man, sorry, I must be totally blind
    OMFG TEH JERMEY!!!111eleventy

  6. Melf - I'm interested in a few things. But I can only trade right now. So if you could check my GTZ list here:

    Let me know if you see anything of interested, then we can work somethign out, if you do. Thanks.

  7. Listing updated and PMs sent.

    Criticom, there's nothing on that list that I need right now. Thanks for the offer though!

  8. Listing updated, new items added (in orange).

    Neoalphazero, Shinjohnpv, & Kraftworks: I received your payments and your stuff will go out first thing Monday.

  9. Listing updated!

  10. Bumpity.


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