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Thread: Question: Of all the games you've beaten...

  1. Question: Of all the games you've beaten...

    ...which has the fewest other people beaten?

    I'll go with Milon's Secret Castle for the NES. Owned and (eventually) beat.

    Now, is that due to the obscurity of the game (ie, not many people played it) or its difficulty? In this case, I'll say it was 1/2 obscurity and 1/2 difficulty... ie, both factors pretty equal.

    How about you?

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    Of all the games I've beaten... what?

  3. Originally posted by piku
    Of all the games I've beaten... what?
    Haha, sorry. I thought this forum still supported the subtext feature, so I put the 2nd half of the question in there. I edited the original post to fix it.

    Don't reply in 3 nanoseconds next time.

  4. I beat rocketeer. I think I'm the only one. only 100 other people had ever downloaded it, and there was a "prize" for winners, but the website didn't have anyone listed.

    plus the site is down now.

    So I am the rocketeer king.

  5. Interesting topic.

    I'd have to say Traysia. Few people played it, even fewer can tolerate it.

  6. If you don't count weird shareware games that no one has ever heard of and whose names I don't remember, probably Planescape: Torment. It sold like ass.

  7. rocketeer was freeware. at least 100 people have heard of it.

    Ok, a different answer then. Golgo 13. Because it takes a LOOOONG time to beat, and is annoyingly hard, so I figure everyone else just stopped playing. like i did with Golgo 13 part 2.

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    Ah. Cripes, I could name about a million obscure PC games, but the problem would be me remembering them

  9. Damn, hmmm, this is a good question.

    Well, one of the first game that comes to mind is Starflight, only about 20 people have actually beaten the genesis version, and 2 of them post here.

  10. I have beaten the following games for real (meaning that I didn't use a Game Enhancer or a save state feature in an emulator):

    Goonies II (Most people seem to have problem beating this game, but it isn't so hard once you memorize the level's layout and and used your keys almost exclusively on hidden safes.

    The Lone Ranger: Only because it's an obscure (and damn fine) NES game by Konami. It those get difficulty near the end though (especially since you have to destroy a locomotive before fighting Cavendish).

    Wrecking Crew: I beated the 100th level of the game once. It was a total waste though, since there isn't any ending or anything.

    Ghost's 'n Goblins: via Capcom Generations 2 for Saturn. Now I need to beat Ghouls 'n Ghosts and Super G&G.

    Renegade: Only because most people loses their patience when they reach Stage 4. Stage 4 is pratically impossible on the third difficulty level.

    Rolling Thunder: I heard several stories of people having trouble reaching Maboo in the NES versions, but I beated both quests a few times. Too bad the Arcade version is almost impossible in Level 8.

    Rollergames: The last level is almost impossible since it requires precise jumps, yet I managed to beat it twice.


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