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  1. RIP

    Well, Mircx no longer exists because some lame ass was attacking their servers and was also attacking paying IRC users aswell. Because they thought it was too much effort to fix all the problem caused by this hacker or whatever, they have closed that server down and pretty much divided the irc manga community.

  2. Yeah, I just heard about it a moment ago... Those assholes made dalnet a nightmare till they finally drove it into the ground.
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  3. hopefully it doesnt happen to efnet

    sad to hear mircx is gone.
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  4. Dammit, that's where I got all my manga hookups from.

    Some of the peeps are relocating to, so you may want to check there.

  5. some went back to wondernet till they can all figure out a new perminent home for em all. Some of the groups like to stick together.


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