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Thread: How similar is Project Gotham to Metropolis Street Racer?

  1. How similar is Project Gotham to Metropolis Street Racer?

    I'm having fun racing friends at PGR, but since I don't see myself buying an Xbox any time soon, I was wondering if I'd be able to practice the powerslides and handling on Metropolis Street Racer? Do the two games handle similarly enough to carry MSR skills over to PGR? Are there DC tracks in PGR? I've heard MSR is tougher than PGR - that's a good thing for my purposes, right? Or is the main difference just in how the kudos are calculated?

    The opinions of people who have spent time with both games would definitely be appreciated.

  2. Absolutely. They're similar enough so that experience from one will carry over to the other. Beating MSR certainly gave me a headstart on PGR.

    PGR contains most of the tracks from MSR, except for the NYC tracks, which are completely new. I think the Xbox controller is perfect for PGR, moreso than the DC pad.

    As far as difficulty goes, it's hard to tell for me....MSR actually takes Kudos away from you for crashes, but after completing the first few chapters Kudos don't become such a big deal (except for Special Races). However, PGR's real test to get some of the Kudos combos that are required of you. I'd have to say that PGR is probably more difficult, mostly because of the Bronze/Silver/Gold challenges. It also seems to me that the PGR AI is tougher. That's not to say MSR won't test you, though - some of the races are pretty brutal.

    Overall, I'd say if you completed MSR in its entirety, you shouldn't have too much trouble with PGR, but you would have to adjust your driving for the Kudos changes, and learn the NYC tracks from scratch.

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  3. MSR is most definitely worth your time if you have the patience. I'm not a big racing game fan but MSR's control and desire to truly play each track to it's fullest has made the title one of my favorite DC games. Beating a driver with a 5 second head start is a reward of it's own, the game is difficult but (IMO) fun.

    The little I've played of PGR it seems a extension or improvement of everything in MSR, the control is slightly looser, the graphics benefit from better light and shadow effects. In fact the only area where MSR really beats PGR is the drivers, PGR's drivers look way too much like crash test dummies, and options. Fooling around with the options I can't seem to change my car's top and the time setting seems different as well in PGR.

    Though I will get PGR when I pick up a Xbox (eventually), I find MSR a competent racer in every respect and definitely another hidden gem on the Dreamcast. *-neo

  4. Thanks for the replies, guys, I'll definitely be picking up MSR tomorrow then. I'm not so worried about the medal challenges, since it's not my copy of PGR, I just want to compete on a more even footing with friends who own or have rented the game.

    Btw, I think this is a pretty decent way to extend the life of my like this, DoA2 and Tony Hawk 2 that I would have passed over otherwise give me a chance to hang in against Xbox owning friends without requiring me to actually buy one.


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