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Thread: "For the love of god make a sequel to these" thread

  1. "For the love of god make a sequel to these" thread

    Sunset Riders
    UN Squadron
    Ninja Warriors(not to be confused with Ninja Gaiden)
    A proper Pop'n'Twinbee sequel
    Another Ducktales game

  2. ReZ
    Bionic Commando
    Nightmare In The Dark

    EDIT: I always wanted a Nocturne sequel. I thought I heard they were working on one, but it never panned out I suppose. It was a good game.
    Time for a change

  3. Punch-out!

    If I got that, I could care less about any other sequel to anything.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by g0zen
    Hell yeah. I remember reading something about this not too long ago.

  5. If Incog does it, that's cool. Otherwise .

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Videodrone
    If Incog does it, that's cool. Otherwise .
    Well, it was in Twisted Metal Black, and I also remember hearing they wanted to make a sequel... but has Incog done ANYTHING since TM: Black?

    I would have thought a sequel to that would have been a no brainer, but I guess I was wrong.
    R.I.P Kao Megura (1979-2004)

  7. Shenmue, Earthbound.
    Buy Yakuza and Oblivion. Help yourself, help TNL.

  8. Rush & Attack
    Skies of Arcadia
    Smash TV
    Streets of Rage
    Super Sprint
    Thunder Force
    Vagrant Story

  9. Beyond Good and Evil
    Street Fighter III (As in 4)
    Klonoa Of the Wind
    Wario Ware
    Smash TV
    Mega Man Legends
    PaRappa the Rapper/Um Jammer Lammy
    Play Guitar Hero //

  10. Guardian Heroes
    Last Bronx
    Grim Fandango
    Monkey Island
    Dragon Force
    A non-online, party based Ultima
    Ogre Battle


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