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Thread: "For the love of god make a sequel to these" thread

  1. Devil may cry
    Alien vs predator (arcade)
    Gunvalkyre (with multi-play)
    Phantasy Star

    Super mario bros (for real this time nintendo....for real)
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  2. Quote Originally Posted by voltz
    Devil may cry
    There was one, it sucked balls. I don't want to see another.
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  3. Shenmue II
    Jet Set Radio Future
    WWE WrestleMania XIX
    Lupin the Third: Treasure of the Sorcerer King
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  4. -Dragon Force
    -A new Aki wrestling/MMA game, preferably Virtual Pro Wrestling 3
    -Gamera 2000
    -a online Wars game, the rumors about Gamecube Wars online got me itchin for it
    -A 2D (gameplay) Castlevania with Alucard as the main character
    -Um Jammer Lammy
    -Ninja Five-O
    -Gitaroo Man
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by Roufuss
    Well, it was in Twisted Metal Black, and I also remember hearing they wanted to make a sequel... but has Incog done ANYTHING since TM: Black?
    War Of The Monsters and Downhill Domination so far. Both fun as hell titles I want to get some day.

  6. Xeno: there was a Dragon Force 2 and it rocked hard. Also why hasn't Panzer Dragoon Saga been mentioned yet?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Will
    War Of The Monsters and Downhill Domination so far. Both fun as hell titles I want to get some day.
    Oh yeah, I can't believe I forgot War of the Monsters, I play it all the fucking time. That game DEFINATELY needs a sequel, so much to improve. So my list is all Incog stuff then,

    War of the Monsters
    Twisted Metal: Black

    Man, I wish Incog would really get on the ball here, they really haven't done alot in the PS2's lifetime, espically since all their games scream out for a sequel to perfect on certain aspects.
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  8. Mega Man
    A is for action

  9. Xbox 360 I

    NiGHTS: Into Dreams
    Skies of Arcadia
    Jet Set Radio
    Gunstar Heroes
    Penguin Land
    Shining Force (a true Force sequel)
    Grandia (not Xtreme)
    Neo*Geo Cup 98 Plus Color
    Zillion (1)
    Monster World IV
    Alex Kidd
    Sonic R
    Panzer Dragoon Saga
    Phantasy Star
    Kid Chameleon
    Cosmic Smash (2 player)
    Fantasy Zone
    Cardfighter's Clash
    Rocket Knight Adventures / Sparkster

  10. Kid Icarus
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