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Thread: "For the love of god make a sequel to these" thread

  1. Andy and AstroBlue win... Kid Icarus and Earthbound (Duh) would make me a happy camper. Let's throw a new Darkstalkers game into the mix too.

  2. Vagrant Story, Rez, and Cosmic Smash have already been mentioned.


    Parasite Eve (anyone know the deal with the rumored PE: Rebirth?)
    Speed Kings
    Fur Fighters
    Tennis 2K2 (I hate Top Spin)
    Klonoa 2
    Ecco DOTF

  3. Thank you for mentioning Primal and One.

  4. I would also love to see a sequel to Primal.

    Another Tomba game (which will never happen )

    Good sequel to DMC.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by soundwave
    I keep thinking of Treasure titles:
    Radiant Silvergun (a direct sequel)
    How do you make a "direct sequel" to RS?

    The story is just a Moebius loop.
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  6. Cosmic Smash and Herzog Zwei

  7. Vagrant Story
    Legend of Mana

    Quote Originally Posted by g0zen
    Bionic Commando
    I wonder about this. I get the weird feeling that it would be this bizarro combination of DMC/Ninja Gaiden and some of the recent 3d platformers that have been out. Done well, it could still be a ton of fun. Explore different areas, unlock new items, reexplore previous areas, all with a sort of militaristic theme, lots of cool guns, and tons of neat areas to play with the arm.
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  8. Quote Originally Posted by sleeveboy
    See Carrier Airwing. It's much better than the original, plus it has some dude who looks like Sean Connery.

    Ever played the SNES version of The Ninjawarriors (or "Ninjawarriors Again" on the SFC)? It was pretty good, a little bit more like a classic beatemup.
    I always hear that carrier Airwing wasn't as good as the original. And that is the Ninja Warriors I was talking about.

  9. Bionic Commando and Mutant League sports would have so much potential.

  10. Gitaroo-Man
    Guardian Heroes
    Jet Grind Radio (more true to the original)
    Samba de Amigo
    Sin and Punishment
    Star Wars: KotOR
    Street Fighter
    Streets of Rage


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