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Thread: KOF Maximum Impact

  1. KOF Maximum Impact

    Color me interested.
    This SNKPlaymore's chance. Lets hope they don't blow it.

  2. It's probably the 3D kof game they were planning on making...

  3. #3
    Yay, logo.

    Wake me when pictures show up.

  4. Itīs a side-story, it seems. In 3D.

    A couple bothers that want to show everybody else their "rules"... an icy (or "frigid", as the engrish opening says) killer... a weird Malin-like girl...

    Not much info out...

  5. Quote Originally Posted by cka
    It's probably the 3D kof game they were planning on making...
    That is corrent. Coming in September.

  6. I bet the forums are a warzone.
    Time for a change

  7. Quote Originally Posted by g0zen
    I bet the forums are a warzone.
    I dropped in for shits and giggles earlier today. First the Atomiswave announcements, then this... the idea of SNK trying new things again after HNG64 didn't work out, their poor little hearts can't handle it. What alarms me is the fact that some people are pissed about the NG hardware finally being retired... as if they think it hasn't been around long enough?

    But... I probably would have been disappointed if the forums didn't make me roll my eyes.

    This game could be interesting, but yeah. I'm waiting on shots and more info. Same with SNK's Atomiswave games, heh.

  8. Well, lets see...

    Fatal Fury Wild Ambition

    Samurai Spirits 64 1 & 2

    Samurai Shodown Warriors Rage

    Buriki One (has anyone played this?)

    I'd hate to be skeptical, but SNK's 3D track record isn't impressive. Here's hoping...

  9. ...

    Call me sick and twisted, but I actually like the mess that is Samurai Showdown 3-D...
    "50,000! You scored 50,000 points on Double Dragon?"

  10. Sonic

    Most Hyper Neo Geo 64 games were decent. They were just really ugly to look at. Samurai Showdown 64 2 is Warrior's Rage.

    Add to the Hyper 64 list:

    Beast Busters
    Beast Busters: Second Nightmare
    Xtreme Rally

    And don't forget the not so good Samurai Showdown Warrior's Rage 2 for PSOne.

    Edit: I'm skeptical about this KOF Maximum Impact, but it has been like 5 years since their last 3D game. You never know, it might actually be good.


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